Natural Floor Coverings From Carpet to Cork

Natural Flooring

Rafael Floors Abbey Carpet Center has a full line of nature's best products. From the luxurious feel of wool and the rugged texture and elegance of sisal and seagrass carpets to the quiet comfort of cork and cork products like real linoleum. Don't forget the full line of hardwoods featuring not only the perennial standards of oak and maple but also the exotic species such as Brazilian Cherry and Walnut, American Hickory and Cherry, Pecan and Bamboo (actually a grass).

This is a summary of our Natural Collection.

Wool - is known for its full, supple, soft to the touch feel and "dyed in the wool" deep, lustrous "pure" colors. The fiber can be woven into elegant and intricately detailed patterns by the Axminister or Wilton methods or tufted to achieve a beautiful Berber or sisal look. The wool fiber has a natural strength that keeps the pattern shape better than any man made fiber. It is static free and the most flame resistant of any carpet. We invite you to see our wool collection carpets.

Sisal & Seagrass - Our Design Materials & Merida Collections feature these and other exciting natural woven fibers. The stylish wicker-like texture and color make these products a top selection for wall to wall installations or area rugs. We have a complete selection of fashionable leather & fabric borders to create custom runners and area rugs to match your décor. Some of these products feature an attached cushion back for greater comfort and non-slip qualities.

Cork - This quiet, durable product is made from the bark of the cork oak tree and is a renewable resource. Available in squares or floating planks, it can be glued down or "floated" over existing surfaces. Cork is the softest and warmest of all our non-carpet, natural options. Cork is a top choice for public spaces such as museums, libraries and concert halls.

Linoleum - Linoleum is a true product of nature – cork and wood flour, pigments, rosins, linseed oil and jute- all completely biodegradable and eco-friendly. The natural matte finish and extraordinary soft and quiet feel underfoot makes linoleum a great alternative to the glossier sheet vinyl. With commercial grade durability, linoleum offers color, pattern and design options beyond your wildest dreams. Rafael Floors features Forbo Marmoleum. Our installers are Forbo certified Master Mechanics and can expertly install any flooring design created.

Hardwoods - Naturally renewable sources of hardwood are used by today’s manufacturers. We feature many well known names in hardwood. For more information about hardwood, please see the Hardwood Floors section of our web site.

Bamboo - While not a true wood, Bamboo flooring offers a distinctive look in a natural hard finish. Bamboo is probably the world's most environmentally friendly wood (it is really grass). Bamboo shoots are harvested every three to five years and there is no possibility of depletion of this material. Prefinished bamboo can offer a beautiful array of colorations and styles for your home.

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