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Our services include Prefinished, Refinishing, Installing, Sand & Finish  hardwood floors

When it comes to natural beauty, it’s hard to beat the look and warmth of a real hardwood floor. Like most floor covering products, hardwood flooring has changed dramatically over the past few years and we have the latest pre-finished products on display at our showroom. You can choose from our wide selection of samples including Mullican, Kahrs, Max Windsor, Mannington and Shaw. From the exotic to traditional species of hardwood, from ¾" solid oak, maple or other species, to pre-finished, engineered or longstrip flooring, we can help you choose the right hardwood floor for your décor and lifestyle. After you have made your selection we have expert hardwood mechanics to install your floor.

Hardwood flooring comes in 2 basic constructions - 3/4" Solid Wood or "Engineered" Hardwood

    Pre-finished means the wood has already been stained and a finish has been applied at the factory. Unfinished hardwood is nothing more than bare, sanded wood that needs to have both a stain and finish coat applied in the home.

    The engineered hardwood floors are dimensionally stable due to the construction process and can be installed on any level of the home, including in the basement if moisture isn't present. They can also be glued down, floated over, or nailed down to most subfloors. In some cases, we can even float these floors right over your existing vinyl floor. While the 3/4" solid hardwood floors are generally recommended for above grade installation only, and have to be nailed to the subfloor. Any of these floors can be refinished if they become severely scratched, or dull from normal wear and tear.

    A few tips we offer on how to maintain new hardwood floors:

    • Don't Damp Mop - Water and wood floors don't mix! Use only the manufacturer's recommended cleaning products on your hardwood floor.
    • "Swiffer" Regularly - Small stones, mud, and gritty dirt tracked in from outside can play havoc on a wood floor’s finish, so sweep, vacuum or you may find a Swiffer style wet or dry system an easy and excellent choice for this step. To help combat wear, use long bristle welcome mats placed at all outside entrances for people to wipe their feet on before walking on hardwood floors.
    • Use the Proper Chair Glides - Narrow wheels and sharp wooden, or metal furniture legs can scratch and dent hardwood flooring, which can quickly turn a newly refinished floor into an old worn floor. Any furniture that rests directly on top of a hardwood floor should have felt protectors, or furniture coasters, under all it's feet. For extremely heavy objects such as a piano, use rubber cups. Purchasing chair glides is a very cheap insurance policy for your hardwood flooring.
    • Don't Use Oil Soaps - There are many over the counter oil soap based or silicone and wax based cleaning products that can damage and dull the finish of your hardwood floor. The best suggestion is to only use the manufacturers recommended cleaning products on your hardwood flooring.
    • Never Wax a Urethane Floor - If you have a polyurethane finish on your hardwood floors you should never use a wax on them. The wax will cause a sticky film to build up on your floor, allowing any dirt tracked onto it to stick. This creates black traffic paths on your floor. Because polyurethane will not adhere to any wax it also makes the floor almost impossible to recoat later with a fresh coat of polyurethane.
    • Wipe Spills Immediately - when accidents happen and some liquid gets spilled on your hardwood floor, you should use a slightly damp white cloth, or paper towel to immediately clean up and dry the effected area. For more difficult spots, follow the manufacturer's recommended cleaning procedures.

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