Floor Pre-Installation Checklist

Please take a moment to review our policies and discuss with your sales person any questions or concerns you may have.
It is our desire to make your installation process as smooth and professional as possible.

Customer Responsibilities:

Please discuss with your sales person which items you will want Rafael Floors to move.
Sorry, we do not move breakables.
___ Just Larger Furniture ___ All Furniture ___ Modular Furniture
___ Pool Table or Piano ___ Wall Base Molding
___ Electronics (Computer/Entertainment)- Connections by others
Please be prepared by removing bedding, clearing closet floors, clearing floors of small items (toys, shoes, etc.) Thank you for your attention to these details.

Baseboards, Appliances and Doors:

Baseboards We will make every effort to avoid scratching or chipping paint on baseboards. Because we work close to the baseboard, it is possible a scratch or nick will occur. This is especially true if latex paint is used. You may need to touch up some areas.
Appliances & Toilets We can remove and reset appliances, except dishwashers, if contracted to do so. However, if the gas, electric or water is direct wired or connected with no shut off, disconnection and/or reconnection will need to be done by others. We will remove and reset your toilet but we are not qualified to assemble a new toilet.
Doors We will cut doors if in our contract. We will not cut doors that lead outside the home. Sometimes we are unable to tell if the door will clear the new flooring until after the installation. If it does not we will have to adjust or cut and charge accordingly.

Hidden Damage:

We cannot be responsible for any repairs, replacements or removal of any floor or sub-floor not covered in our contract. We will do our best to assess the extent of wood or concrete damage under your existing flooring. However, without removing same we cannot be certain of the extent of damage. If the damage is repairable by Rafael Floors under our flooring contractors license, we will quote a separate price to repair same. If the damage is structural, you will need a general contractor to repair the damage before we can proceed.
If you decide, for some reason, not to proceed with the work and cancel our contract, you will be refunded your deposit less our supplier's 20% re-stocking fee, freight charges and the labor we have expended on your job up to that time. If Rafael Floors removes your existing floor in the discovery process, we will not be able to put your existing floor back in place or provide an equal floor at no charge.

Thank you for reviewing this form. It will help us serve you better.