Flooring Tips

Our selection of carpet, hardwood, laminate and vinyl floors offer you a broad range of color, style, performance features and prices. When you shop with us you can be assured that you will find the perfect floor for your lifestyle and budget. With so many options available, comparing these options can often cause confusion.

Below we have listed the general characteristics of the different flooring options available. Please see the corresponding expanded sections for more in-depth information.


Carpeting today offers increased performance, style and design than in years past. The availability of designer fibers such as sisal, seagrass and wool keep carpeting in the forefront of high style for wall to wall installation or area rugs. With the many fiber options available, carpeting fits into any budget. The range of colors and styles can enhance any home’s décor. The durability, soil-resistance, and the new softness of nylon fiber makes nylon the most popular choice for carpeting today. For warmth and comfort underfoot carpeting remains the best choice.

Hardwood Floors

It’s hard to beat the warmth and charm of a real hardwood floor. Today’s prefinished hardwood floors have a more durable and easy maintenance finish. Many prefinished hardwood floors have some type of ultraviolet curing polyurethane finish and many have added aluminum oxide particles for exceptional durability to the finish layer. Whether you choose solid, engineered, or longstrip hardwood floors these floors can be touched-up or refinished in case of accident or wear. Hardwood floors will add value to your home.

Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring, with the look of real hardwood, ceramic or stone tiles, offers style, texture and high performance. The surface of laminate flooring gets it’s durability from aluminum oxide, which is almost as hard as diamonds. Laminates carry warranties against wear through the finish layer, staining and sun fading. No polishing, refinishing or waxing is needed for laminates. The ease of maintenance makes laminate flooring ideal for active households.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors offer the broadest range of color, style and performance options to fit your needs and budget. With vinyl, the style and the wearability, such as durability, damage resistance, appearance retention and warranties, corresponds to the price. The higher the cost of the vinyl, the more sophisticated its style, with better performance and warranties. The availability of twelve- foot wide rolls can provide a seamless installation for today’s larger rooms. Vinyl is the best option for areas in the home exposed to spills, water and moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Cleaning Tip

For laminate or vinyl, avoid adding too much cleaner to your water, which may cause streaking. Avoid the use of soap- based cleaners, which lead to build-up and cause streaking. If streaking has occurred, wash your floor with warm water and vinegar to remove the excess cleaner.

Chair Glides

One of the best ways to protect you new flooring investment is by using felt protectors on chair and furniture legs. Periodically check the condition of the protectors and replace them when worn.

Virtual Designer

Many manufacturer's websites now offer online design tools.  Use stock room photos or upload your own digital photos to preview your design ideas.  These virtual design tools have been expanded to allow you to change flooring, wall and cabinetry colors to help you envision your dream room.  Notice how light colors can open up a space and darker colors make a room cozier.  These tools are fun and informative and clearly demonstrate how color can add drama or create a calming environment.  To link to a Virtual Designer see our Links & Affilliations page.